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Master Bedroom 2-min.jpg
YOKO Property

Fiona and Yoko Property have been working together for a few years now. She at Propartee fully understands our requirements to setup both houses and apartments for serviced accommodation. For us, it is not just important for our accommodation to look nice, but also to function well as a serviced accommodation - something she understands well. The growth of Yoko Property has Propartee to thank. Fiona is also able to manage a budget well and delivers her project on time too which make it easy for us to plan our Go-Live and to take forward bookings. She is also not afraid to get stuck in herself which I have seen on plenty of occasion during my visits at the setup stage. Her photography is also of high class which too makes our role in advertising the properties much easier. Overall, I am more than pleased with the relationship we at Yoko Property have with Propartee and we hope to continue this for many years to come.

Living Room 2-min.jpg
Wenyuan Z

We had the pleasure of working with Fiona on the design and reorganization of our house, She has excellent taste in choosing furniture and decor, which perfectly complemented our style. What impressed us the most was how Fiona considered and respected our budget throughout the project. her approachable and friendly demeanor made the entire experience enjoyable. We highly recommend Fiona for any interior design project.

Daniyal A

Fiona provided an excellent and very bespoke package to ensure my first serviced accommodation property was fully furnished to a brilliant standard whilst being cost effective. Fiona also overlooked the decorating and painting of feature walls to compliment the choices of furnishing she made. It was seamless process and it was very easy to trust and engage with such a professional. I’m looking forward to my second venture in which I have no doubt she will be the person to turn too.

Bedroom 2 1-min-1.jpg
Dr Paul

Fiona is, simply, an excellent interior designer. She was introduced to us just over a year ago when we were setting up our service apartments. We were extremely pleased with the work she did for us. I had no hesitation in introducing her to my cousin who was equally very impressed with her work. She is very friendly, cheerful and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to add some wow factor to their properties.

Dining Area 1-min.jpg
Hench Properties

There is no doubt your home design for my property was extremely exquisite. Time specific, simplistic furnishing and value for money. I admire the colour combinations and the way you made use of all the spaces in the property.

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